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As An Editor…

Rachel Angres- Epitonic Editor

Rachel Angres
Rachel Angres is an idiosyncratic thumb war champion, cheese enthusiast, cyclist and a journalist. She contributes to several music publications and can be spotted wearing earmuffs year round.

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Studies In Beautifully Unreasonable Noise


Music can satiate every human need. It can fill us up when we feel empty. A melody can give us chills right through our toes. A harmony can fizzle in one ear and pop out the other. Lyrics can describe a moment so delectable we can almost taste it. And when our eyes close tightly, a soundtrack accompanies our vision of what could be…

But in reality without music — or even dissonance — we find a moment can lose its luster.
Being in a reflective, solemn mood, a playlist like this had to be meaningful and unreasonably beautiful…

Summer’s Armies
By Rachel Angres

What can we do to try and make light of dreary weather? Watching as fall leaves us reaching for some warmth, some hope. Sweaters, cocoa, Netflix, winters first snowfall… these all represent the upside to below freezing weather.

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Stag: Story Time
Even when you are alone

music can surround you
with the familiarity of a million friends and family
there is no guarantee
that even with the safety that you will be free