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Mapping My Ride to 44th Ward

Tuesday Nov. 6, 2012
12:28 p.m.
Bike Ride: Road Cycling






Avg Speed



Truthiness: At Face Value


Thruthiness is a term coined by the honorable Political Satirist/Mock News Anchor Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central’s Colbert Report.

Scientific America, a journal devoted to both soft and hard science,  dissects the elements of what truthiness actually is by conducting research and related studies.

Before there was Fact there was Truth… (flip through the bible)

Truth is subjective, individualistic and interpretive by way of intuition or that “gut” feeling.

Fact is objective, concrete, commonplace (Universal) and a collection of data (Scientific/mathematical/statistical.)

One can have their “own truth,” or in other words can adopt a philosophy or belief that he or she finds to be true. And it is theirs, patented and reserved of all rights.
Now this Truthiness is often interpreted by those unfamiliar with Colbert as esoteric, yet like many other truths (think “Inconceivable Truth” or “The Truth About Cats and Dogs“) it is based on individualistic ideologies engraved in one’s character. This can be anything from family dynamics and learned behavior to how one perceives, processes and presents information (i.e. Tactile, Auditory, Visual, Perceptive) internally.

These studies conducted in Judgement and uncertainty or Heuristics (discovery) speak volumes to the facts behind truthiness.


But it does not require a psycholinguist to understand truthiness.


What is the truth behind this photo.

Chicago Tribune front page? Nope, an iconic archived front page from the 90’s when Bulls Won the championship but if you look closely it is a promotion for a band in place of the sensationalized Bulls feature! Both sensationalized sensationalism.


Lets see what other images can alter our first impression.

this is a morphological image

See it implies deco-aztec-art class project or even a frequenter at craft shop off her mood stabilizers mom whose kids fled the coop and she uses the vase to cope.

Now this is semantics. I followed my intuition–based on personal experience– recalling from embedded images in my hippocampus to conjure up my interpretation of this image.

In reality it is a picture of a vase.


Tech Reporting: iMAP MY RIDE! dO YOU?

The iMap My Ride Application for the Cyclist on the go and In The know

With the iMapMyRide+ app, which is $4.99 in iTunes App Store, you can track all your vital cycling data, including time, speed, distance, and elevation. The app will also track heart-rate data via a dongle (a device that is connected to a computer to allow access to wireless broadband or use of protected software) that must be purchased separately. This combination connects your iPhone (any version) through the Bike Case(pictured below) to the ANT+. The term ANT+ represents the interoperability function that can be added to the base ANT protocol.  A managed network, ANT+ facilitates the collection, automatic transfer and tracking of sensor data for monitoring of all personal wellness information…..anywhere, anytime. The wireless bike Speed and Cadence Sensor (or any Wahoo Fitness sensor) can be used to monitor the cyclist’s data as well.


$149.99 (Retail Price)

Now it may be advantageous from a financial perspective to just put a speedometer on a bike and gauge your cadence and distance by simply glancing down at the mounted computer, yet those who prefer to keep a precise record of everything they have done and have the ability to share that information with others would opt for spending $149.99 vs. a Cat Eye Wireless Speedometer for $59.99


Cat Eye Wireless Speedometer 7

Ride and Workout Track and logging: Speed (Max, Avg), Live Route Map, GPS Camera Distance, Calories, Elevation, Nutrition, Friends (live map, and activity feed), Stats (Heart Rate, Speed & Cadence, Power – requires purchase of accessory) and iPod music integration.

Voice Prompts (spoken by a mild-mannered Siri-like Robot) encourage the rider after each milestone which can be set by the rider. It can be alarming while riding to be interrupted by an announcement saying, “Congratulations, you have traveled 1.8 miles… keep going.”

It is obvious that this complicated app. is geared to a very specific consumer, but it is efficient none-the-less. And if a rider has the liberty to spare a couple hundred dollars to use this app. to its full potential than there is not much to be concerned about.

Each version updated gets rid of any before spotted glitches and gives you more options to map your ride (which may require additional gear.)

“I’ve been meaning to try this application on my iPhone to see how hard it might be on my battery. I do keep track of my rides on MapMyRide and this application records your route. It works well for shorter rides, but haven’t tried it for a ride longer than 90 minutes before.” Said Simon Kale, a blogger and avid cyclist.


“To cut to the chase, it totally drained my 100% charged iPhone in 28 miles – and of course I didn’t realize that until after I had completed the 40 mile ride. Granted, I am not the fastest out there, and Mr. Wanderer isn’t the speediest bike so it probably took me longer than some to complete those 28 miles… Part of the reason it is such a drain on the battery is in order for the application to work the phone cannot “go to sleep” or be locked. This is a hard enough drain on the battery, then combined with the GPS at the same time it just gets worse.” Said one blogger from

You can view cycling routes on a map and sync your workout data to an online account at Other features include Twitter integration, iPod support, and photo uploads.

Purchase at iTunes at your own risk.