Youtopia for your classroom in 2013

Why check out Youtopia?

It provides instant access to plug-and-play gamification tools (points, digital badges, and leader-boards) that incentivizes students to become more engaged in their school and their community. Youtopia matures with students from kindergarten through college and beyond. With Youtopia, educators have a fun and easy way to inspire their students to do all of the good things they want them to do; a way to acknowledge their hard work; and a way to reward them for going above and beyond.

Please pop over to our site,, watch the video above.

If anyone you know is interested, have them signup here ( and use the promo code FRIEND.

Youtopia is a team of entrepreneurs, designers, educators, and community activists who share the belief that a dedicated group of creative individuals can make the world a better place. We are joined by a passion for thinking critically about our responsibility as citizens of the world, and have faith that the altruism in all people can build a just and vibrant society. This is the aspiration of Youtopia, to connect and magnify the actions of those who are dedicated to doing good for others. With Youtopia, creating social good is lifted up by the collective of volunteers, schools, universities, companies, and faith-based and community organizations working towards one common goal. This one goal is at the core of Youtopia: to change the world together.


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