City Maps By Square Inch…

It just so happens Darryl Holliday is one of my closest friends… it goes to show just how small the city is. For all of his hard work I commend him. Yeah Double D! Down to business… Interactive maps are great, but have they ever been dissected in such a way that makes people question the validity of its boundaries. Holliday and Rodriguez test these limitations.”Residents decide neighborhood lines.” Said Holliday, when speaking in terms of the gentrification of Chicago neighborhoods. Washington Park is the South Side? That just is not right! Taking the city to court to draw some actual boundaries? Now that is change in action… even if the city defends themselves to the death about not committing copyright infringement. Is it my old lap top or is popcorn not poppin’ as quickly as promised? “Your media seems to be taking a long time to load. Review your media URL(s) or continue waiting.” This continued for another thirty minutes… And then of course it does not allow you to embed it… 

There it is…

In my opinion- I would rather just stick to one site that has my video and does not complicate it– this could potentially run people into copyright infringement issues. AHHHH…





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