A brief Snippet and Some Snappy Apps For Election Day


Listen for a mini update.

Apps are popping up all over the web to keep up with the election.

The New York Times Election 2012” Application


election app(available for iPhone and Android) has four categories:

First is an election guide, for checking poll numbers and live election results, second is multimedia– allowing you to watch videos and view photos/reports in a slide stream from reporters on the campaign trail, third is the opinion guide where app owners/users can vent and comment on the election and finally the news… from what better source than the New York Times!


This will be helpful for collecting information and organizing your story, instead of scurrying through headlines in your low reception cellular browser.


Price: Free
Category: News
Updated: Oct 27, 2012
Version: 1.3
Size: 2.2 MB
Languages: English, Basque, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese
Seller: The New York Times Company (iDP)
© 2011, The New York Times Company

But for real time reporting ON THE GO, sometimes a map is the trick:

Map My Ride: For cyclists who don’t mind the cold to get to the polls.

map my ride

Map My Ride has technologies that allow users to post their stats after each “ride.” For bragging rights purposes perhaps this idea of revealing your heart rate and average speed can seem a bit too cavalier for an average daily commuter (or even an amateur competitive cyclist) but this tool could be very useful when cruising the city, namely hop-scotching from the lakefront trail to Obama Headquarters (where yours truly will be reporting from.) With a mount on the stem to hold your device it makes for easy access with out a crash, allowing the rider to perhaps stop along the way to snap quick photos of irritated, elated and frustrated voters who are waiting with baited breath for the election results.

App Details:

Price varies depending on how in depth the rider wants to track their daily routine.

View the exact path you traveled on the live map from your device.
Record duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, and calories burned data for each workout. Store all your historical workout data on the MapMyFitness websites.

Share the details of your fitness activities with friends and family, via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Stay on top of goals, challenge friends, join groups and stay connected to our online fitness community.

Track your friends or family while they are out on the road in real-time. To activate Live Tracking, select Live from the app’s home screen and turn Live Tracking on.

But with the updated Map My Ride + you can “capture your favorite training moments with the geo-tag photo capability. Plus, the app’s voice feedback and iPod control will keep you motivated and moving.”  – Map My Ride App Site

So this tiny difference in price, $1.99 is the difference, it may be advantageous to just empty your pockets to get those photos automatically geo-tagged and flagged on your map.


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