Truthiness: At Face Value


Thruthiness is a term coined by the honorable Political Satirist/Mock News Anchor Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central’s Colbert Report.

Scientific America, a journal devoted to both soft and hard science,  dissects the elements of what truthiness actually is by conducting research and related studies.

Before there was Fact there was Truth… (flip through the bible)

Truth is subjective, individualistic and interpretive by way of intuition or that “gut” feeling.

Fact is objective, concrete, commonplace (Universal) and a collection of data (Scientific/mathematical/statistical.)

One can have their “own truth,” or in other words can adopt a philosophy or belief that he or she finds to be true. And it is theirs, patented and reserved of all rights.
Now this Truthiness is often interpreted by those unfamiliar with Colbert as esoteric, yet like many other truths (think “Inconceivable Truth” or “The Truth About Cats and Dogs“) it is based on individualistic ideologies engraved in one’s character. This can be anything from family dynamics and learned behavior to how one perceives, processes and presents information (i.e. Tactile, Auditory, Visual, Perceptive) internally.

These studies conducted in Judgement and uncertainty or Heuristics (discovery) speak volumes to the facts behind truthiness.


But it does not require a psycholinguist to understand truthiness.


What is the truth behind this photo.

Chicago Tribune front page? Nope, an iconic archived front page from the 90’s when Bulls Won the championship but if you look closely it is a promotion for a band in place of the sensationalized Bulls feature! Both sensationalized sensationalism.


Lets see what other images can alter our first impression.

this is a morphological image

See it implies deco-aztec-art class project or even a frequenter at craft shop off her mood stabilizers mom whose kids fled the coop and she uses the vase to cope.

Now this is semantics. I followed my intuition–based on personal experience– recalling from embedded images in my hippocampus to conjure up my interpretation of this image.

In reality it is a picture of a vase.


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