Tracking The Chicago Marathon 2012

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chi marathon
The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is the pinnacle of achievement for elite athletes and everyday runners alike. On October 7, 2012, runners from all 50 states and more than 100 countries set out to accomplish a personal dream.

Since it was established in 1977, the event has expanded by leaps and bounds, opening it up to the masses with new events and challenges.

Although the runners were extremely diverse in age and attributes and countries of origin, they all seemed to exclaim the same sentiments after completing the race. “It was great!” Said many participants, followed by an exclamatory, “I love this city!” And most of them said they too beat their own records on this perfect Chicago day for a marathon.

Chicago Marathon While it’s hard enough just to finish the marathon, the 2012 race was won by a landslide.

Tsegaye Kebede of Ethiopia finished first with a course record time of two hours, four minutes and 38 seconds. Kebede broke the record in all Chicago marathon history! He is also the first Ethiopian to win the Chicago Marathon, and compounding this country’s pride is the fact that 2nd and 3rd place were also Ethiopians!

Mike Rossi

Mike Rossi completed the marathon. “I loved it, now I have to go shopping!”
According to Rossi there were very few injuries that he was aware of. Rossi said, “No medics or serious injuries as far as I know. It was tough because it’s my first marathon. The weather helped me finish and helped others meet their renowned personal records because it’s conducive to running long distances. Dry, cool and not real windy: Perfect”

Adam Koenig, 22, of Dayton, Ohio loved every minute of the run. Koenig works in the sears tower as an Actuary. He finished the race as a first time marathon runner.

team canada

Go Dad!

“The weather was great, but I am in pain.” According to Koenig, “A lot personal records were broken because of weather.” He was limping, along with many others who had finished the race. It was almost like watching Night of the Living Dead except everyone was smiling from ear to ear.


Michelle Driver

Sarah Norfolk, 33, flew in from Toronto, Canada to run. She said it was a tough start, but seeing that finish line, “It reminded me why I come out and do this every year.”
Michelle Driver, 23, is a student from Chicago. She has now completed three marathons and claims that she will continue to do it every year until she gets old and tired.
Another Marathon runner was also exhausted and matter-of-fact, a Mr. Chuck Stencil, 53, from Chicago, had one thing to say, “I’m done now.”

Another runner from South Elgin finished within five hours and 15 minutes, but after crossing the finish line he did not get a medal; “I guess they ran out of them.” Said Demetri Deltorez, 35, a solemn but spirited cop who claims this to be his third and final marathon. He will at least take home his pride and the triumphs he overcame to finish whether rewarded or not.

Deltorez was not alone, in fact there was a whopping 1,300 participants who finished the course seven hours after it had begun who did not get a medal. “Marathon organizers said they were reaching out to all of those individuals to arrange to mail or ship them a medal,” said Diane Wagner, a spokeswoman for Bank of America.

“We are ensuring that every runner who crossed the finish line will receive a medal to recognize their accomplishments,” Wagner said. But for the most part, those who didn’t receive a medal were not in such utter despair. In fact Deltorez summed up the run quite simply:

“The medal doesn’t mean anything; it is about the adventure.”

Ran and Finished

Did not run the marathon…

Some onlookers were weary… of the traffic, long lines, road blocks… while others were thrilled. Spectators were suspect enough to be given the virtual option to track the entire marathon through the Bank of America Marathon iPhone App.

This handy tool allowed people to track runners, retrieve up to date tweets from NBC newscasters and even a guide to all the festivities post-race.

Through the perils and pitfalls the participants kept their spirits high. If not for the sake of getting some good exercise the marathon is a reminder to Chicagoans and visitors alike of just how beautiful the windy city truly is.

Chicago was at its “personal best” this past weekend, too, hosting four major events: The Chicago Marathon, the Miami /Notre Dame Football game at Soldier Field, the International manufacturing Trade Show and the Graph Expo Show.
Chicago may too, have beat its own record for wowing the world.


Sound Bite From Some Runners

Marathon Runner via the cloud… click to listen!

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